Who We Are

Askoll, The Future Of Innovation

Who we are
Askoll, the future of innovation

Based in Italy, the Askoll Group was founded in 1978 on a revolutionary and inspired idea of founder, Elio Marioni: synchronous technology applied to electric motors. Synchronous technology enables the development of electric motors to save more than 50% of energy compared to conventional electric motors. Maintaining the same motor power means that smaller engines can be produced, saving on materials such as copper and iron and contributing to environmental sustainability. Initially developed for the aquarium industry, the technology was later extended to household appliances, heating systems and, after years of research, to urban mobility .

Today, the Group consists of 11 companies operating in strategic locations around the world

Italy (6 plants), Brazil, China, Mexico, Romania and Slovakia. Askoll products provide high performance and quality thanks to design capabilities with seamless integration of product development and production processes. Products for aquariums and ponds combine superior technology and ease of use, ensuring the well-.being of aquatic ecosystems. The new products for the latest generation of heating systems comply fully with European eco-design standards on energy performance. The components in Askoll devices give a competitive advantage to customers in terms of materials and energy savings. On the strength of its solid experience, the Askoll Group has launched a new line of business involving the production and sale of electric vehicles for urban mobility, which substantially reduces fuel consumption (benefit for the user and emissions (benefit for the company).

Investments in research and innovation are constantly growing

and are the key to the value added to Askoll products and processes. Askoll is a pioneer in innovative technologies and places special importance on the professional development of its employees worldwide.

Year 2016

Opening of the first flagship-store in Paris (FR)


Year 2015

Opening of Askollstore Italy


Year 2014

Presentation of the first Askoll vehicles to the market


Year 2013

Begins the project of development of electric vehicles Askoll


Year 2008

Askoll buy Emerson Appliance Motors


Year 2000

Askoll make synchronous pump in the heating world


Year 1997

Begins the process of internationalization


Year 1986

The Askoll synchronous pump has revolutionized the world of the appliance


Year 1978

It comes the first Askoll synchronous pump for aquarium