What makes Askoll different?

Askoll's motto is "Innovators by nature"

These three words encapsulate our numerous achievements in the form of products that provide great performance and extremely high quality with the seamless integration of product development and production processes. But above all, successful challenges and inspired choices in terms of research and innovation.

Innovation meets the future

Askoll has a central facility dedicated to advanced research in the technologies of the future. This facility enables immediate implementation, from innovation to the development for applications, and ensures that the most advanced knowledge reaches the customer.
The main areas of research are mechanics, fluid dynamics, electromechanics, nanomaterials and nanotechnologies. In the division's team consists of a 20-strong team of electronic and mechanical engineers, physicists and technical specialists.

The goal of their research is to design products of increasingly high performance and reduce energy consumption, the use of materials and the impact of noise pollution. Much attention is paid to facilitating the manufacture and assembly process. Respect for and protection of the environment are key to the work of the research team.
Thanks to the synergy of the work of each person, the company is highly energetic and vital and has registered over 850 patents.

Automation means innovation applied to processes

Askoll designs assembly lines for components and finished products and is recognised internationally for its expertise in industrial automation.
The automation engineering unit is a key resource, involved right from the early stages in integrating process development with product development. This means that assembly lines can be designed at the very time in which the products are being defined.
As a result, production can be started in less time, with a guarantee of quality assured by 100% automatic quality control and greater flexibility making changes along the way. Development costs and product performance are perfectly balanced.

Innovation meets high-tech

Askoll E is the Group's design, engineering and production unit for electronic boards.
Internal development of hardware and software offers great potential and flexibility for product design, with easy adjustment to needs. Research activities includes designing firmware and software for microcontrollers and DSPs.
Design is supported by advanced tools, particularly design, calculation and simulation systems, which help to describe the behaviour of electrical machines in transient and permanent conditions.

The division has laboratories with equipment and instruments capable of performing electric and electronic measurements of all kinds.