Vision, Mission, Values

Contribute significantly to improving the quality of life

Our Vision

Askoll is an innovative company which makes an important contribution to improving quality of life through products, technologies and production processes that are aimed at optimising resources and protecting the environment.

Our Mission

Developing and delivering innovative solutions for the implementation and management of electric motors with savings in energy and raw materials. Developing and delivering innovative solutions for the care and welfare of pets. Offering value and well-being to customers, employees, suppliers and all stakeholders.

Our Strategy

Keep and strengthen its position in the business in which Askoll operates and to identify further opportunities for expansion into new market segments in line with its vision.

Our Values

Elio Marioni
The essence of the success of our business lies in our shared values. These are at the very core of our relationships and are the guiding force behind the pursuit of shared goals
Elio Marioni
The main purpose of our business is economic development. In order to achieve this, we need, first and foremost, to improve the places where we live and work and make a positive impact on the quality of our lives
Alessandro Beaupain
Development of the company goes hand in hand with social progress


Spurred by the spirit of innovation, we constantly seek original products, processes and organisational methods that will drive the growth of the company;

We develop innovative technological solutions, products and processes aimed at maximum customer satisfaction;

We pursue excellence by innovating and improving our skills for the overall success of the company and the professional and personal development of the individuals that work in it.


The challenge for success involves making a daily effort to stay ahead of change;

We act in real time and do things right the first time;

We promote innovative solutions and exceed expectations.


The relationship between the individual and the company is founded on honesty and respect;

Trust in people is at the heart of the company's development;

Openness and support are the basis of the relationship with customers and suppliers.


We are proud to be Askoll;

Each person is important for the company;

The company, its collaborators, its customers and its suppliers are one big team.

Care for the environment

We have a responsibility for the environment on behalf of employees, customers, suppliers, stakeholders and the communities in which the company operates;

We invest creative and economic energy in sustainability;

We support the development of the communities in which the company operates.